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Welcome and orientation

If you're reading this chances are pretty good you have MS or care about someone who does. If it's not  clear how Mendus is supposed to help let me briefly explain.

There is usually a huge gap between the patients who suffer from a disorder and the research being done on that same disorder. You may hear about what is being done but rarely will you ever be involved, let alone have any input. I'd like to change that.

Through this Forum you can generate ideas for research studies with other members of our community. Or, simply propose a study and see what others have to say. For any ideas that people seem interested in, we will attempt to develop a way to realize the study. For example, if you recently heard about a new supplement that supposedly works well for MS symptoms then we can attempt to replicate that study, right here. You, and other members are the participants and as the data is collected we will provide the results.

The critical thing here is participation. Without it there is nothing we can do.

So I hope to hear from you shortly. I'm eager to get planning, to analyze some data and hopefully reduce some symptoms!